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Magick Botanicals Hair Spray

Magick Botanicals
Hair Spray
6 fl. oz. (171 ml)
Fragrance Free, Unscented

Magick Botanicals Hair Spray - Fragrance Free Hair Spray - Unscented Hair Spray

Magick Hair Spray


In House Testing Results It holds well but dampens hair when held too close when spraying. To avoid dampness hold about 12 inches from hair when spraying. It dries without leaving hair stuck together in clumps. It has a slight alcohol smell when spraying that evaporates quickly.


Highlights Perfume free
No animal testing or animal by-products


Packaging Text Includes Magick Botanicals fragrance free hair spray is designed for those allergic to fragrance. For the best results use Magick Botanicals Fragrance Free Shampoo and Conditioner daily to keep scalp clean and hair shaft in good condition. For the fragrance sensitive.


(For external use only)
Hold 10-12 inches from the hair and spray in short, even sprays. Chemically sensitive persons may wish to use a mask while spraying or use outdoors. The alcohol scent will evaporate and leave hair fragrance free. Do not use near open flame or while smoking.


Origin Not given


(Always read product label)
SD alcohol 40-2, PVP/MA copolymer.