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Arbor Day

Arbor Day April 25th

Weekly Top 5 Sellers
1. Sani-Hands Hand Sanitizer
2. Desert Essence Shampoo
3. Unscented Bubble Bath
4. Eurcerin Anti-wrinkle Lotion
5. Simple Green Carpet Cleaner

A product being labeled fragrance free or unscented does not always mean it does not contain perfume and/or perfume maskers. So we check!

April Picks – Unscented Hair Styling Gel

Naturelle Hypoallergenic Styling Gel - Fragrance Free Hair Gel - Unscented Styling Gel

Naturelle Styling Gel

Naturelle Hypo-allergenic Hair Gel

Fragrance free Naturelle Hypo-allergenic hair gel styles & holds but does not feel stiff. It is designed for all hair types and the botanicals leave hair shiny. There are no harsh, synthetic perfume fragrance ingredients. Extra gentle for everyday use even on the most hypersensitive scalp and skin. So get styling!

Free & Clear Hair Styling Gel For Sensitive Skin - Fragance Free Hair Gel - Unscented

Free & Clear Hair Gel

Free & Clear Hair Styling Gel

Unscented Free & Clear Hair Styling Gel for Sensitive Skin is dermatologist recommended. Free & Clear Hair Gel provides firm, long-lasting control without the use of common chemicals irritants found in ordinary hair styling products. It helps volume without stickiness, leaving hair feeling clean and manageable!

Magick Botanicals Hair Gel - Fragrance Free Hair Gel - Unscented Hair Styling Gel

Magick Botanicals Hair Gel

Unscented Magick Botanicals Hair Gel

Magick Botanicals fragrance free hair styling gel is great for spiked and short hair. Just a small amount rubbed between your hands before applying makes it easy to shape hair. Holds well & lasts. But don’t apply to heavily or hair feels stiff to the touch. It is perfume free, gluten free and contains no tree nut or peanut oils just lots of hold!
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